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What Is Harassment of a Public Servant in Texas?

Recently, a Denton woman's drunken altercation with law enforcement led to misdemeanor and felony charges. According to a report from the Denton Record-Chronicle, officers arrived at the scene of ...
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Possessing Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle in Texas

It can be tempting to bring home that expensive bottle of wine you didn’t finish when you had dinner at a fancy restaurant. It may feel natural to enjoy a bottle of beer as you ride passenger in ...
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Texas' Open Container Law

It’s not uncommon for people to think it’s perfectly legal for them to have an open container of alcohol in a vehicle as long as they’re not the ones driving, but this is a ...
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Underage Drinking Laws in Denton, TX

While it’s very clear that anyone under the age of 21 cannot drink alcohol and drive in Texas and all 50 states, a lot of people are not sure of other alcohol laws relating to minors (people ...
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