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Client Testimonials

"Derek gave me my son's life back. I'll always be grateful to him. My son made a terrible mistake and his friends lost their lives because of it. But Derek never gave up on him, and he fought for my son to get a second chance. He wouldn't have gotten that chance unless Derek had fought for him like he did." - BF

"I made a bad mistake and let my anger get the best of me. I was in a lot of trouble and it was like the whole system was out to make an example out of me. If it hadn't been for Derek fighting for me, I wouldn't have my freedom today." – CC

"I was falsely accused by my ex-girlfriend and was facing very serious charges. When others told me I should just give up and accept what I was being offered, Derek refused to let me do that. He fought for me and we won." – MB

"I was falsely accused of a sexual crime and was told I should just be happy I didn't have to go to jail for the rest of my life. Derek believed in me and didn't stop fighting for me until I was free. I'm very grateful." – JM

"I've worked hard to put my life back together after being in a lot of trouble when I was a kid. When I slipped up and got in trouble again, everybody told me I should give up, my past was going to catch up to me and make my punishment worse. Derek refused to believe that and promised me he'd do his best to get me another chance. And that's exactly what he did. Now my kids have their mom back." – KC

"I was falsely accused of assault by my ex-wife. I was scared of being convicted, but had to fight the case to keep my job and state license. Derek believed in our case and fought the case hard. I couldn't believe how he could keep so many things straight in his head during the trial. We won and I got my life back." – JF

"Derek fought for me like I paid him a million dollars. I couldn't believe how much pride he took in my case. When the jury said 'not guilty' I had to hug him right there in court. He's the best." – AG

"I was falsely accused of assault and was worried that I would be convicted if I fought my case because the person accusing me had money and was well-connected. Derek told me that didn't matter and we had to do what was right. Being found 'not guilty' was a great feeling." – HE

"When my ex falsified felony charges against me to force me to give up my custody battle, I was intimidated into thinking I had no choice. Derek showed me that was wrong and he fought until he got my charges dismissed. I'm glad I had him in my corner." – MH

"I was wrongly accused by the police, and was scared to fight my case because it would their word against mine. But I had faith in Derek because he believed in me and my case. I'm glad I did because we won. I've never been as happy as when that jury said 'not guilty.'" – JC

"Derek was honest with me from the beginning and took the time to tell me everything about my case. He explained every possible result and what his plan was. He took the time to learn about me and my family and the things I wanted to do in my future. In the end everything happened just like he said, and he got me an every better result than I hoped for. I can't thank him enough." - CF


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