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What Are the Penalties for Performing an Abortion in Texas?

Following the United States Supreme Court’s landmark decision to overturn Roe v. Wade earlier this year, several states have enacted trigger laws regarding abortion. Trigger laws are born from ...
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What Should I Do If There's a Warrant for My Arrest in Texas?

Recently, a tragic event happened at a youth football game in Texas. According to USA Today, Yaqub Salik Talib, brother of former NFL player Aqib Talib, shot and killed Michael Hickmon, a former ...
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Is Displaying a Firearm a Felony in Texas?

Earlier this month, a man attempted to evade Denton police by hiding under a pile of clothes, according to the Denton Record-Chronicle. Reportedly, the police were searching for the man because he was ...
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How Could a Felony Conviction Alter My Life?

The severity of a charge someone accused of committing a crime will receive is generally based on the nature of the crime and how serious it was. Legally speaking, felonies are the most severe charges ...
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What Does a State Jail Felony Mean in Texas?

Explore the Most Common Types of State Jail Felonies and What This Charge Could Mean for You You probably know that there are different types of felonies, but what you might not realize is that ...
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Social Media Identity Theft

Identity Theft in the Social Media Era Identity theft is not a new crime. It’s been around for decades and continues to impose harsh consequences for those who are accused. However, a rather ...
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Texas Drug Schedules

A Deeper Look at TX Controlled Substance Schedules The war on drugs is alive and well in the US. Drugs are not treated lightly by any means, and as a result, crimes involving drugs can be prosecuted ...
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Second DWI Penalties in Texas

The offense of driving while intoxicated (DWI) is covered under Section 49.04 of the Texas Penal Code. Under the law, you commit the offense of driving while intoxicated if you drive an automobile ...
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Stalking Charges in Denton, TX

In recent years, states across the country have criminalized stalking. Stalkers engage in behaviors which are intended to control a victim by threatening him or her, by terrifying them and by ...
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Unlawful Carrying of Weapons in Denton, Texas

Unlike some states, Texas happens to be rather “gun friendly.” Unless barred under the law, Texas residents are not required to obtain a state license to purchase a handgun, rifle, or ...
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Restoration of Firearm Privileges in Texas

The people of Texas take pride in their ability to possess firearms, and this is a right that we do not take lightly. Compared to other states, Texas has some of the most generous gun laws in ...
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Teen Accused of Posing as Student Gets 20 Years

R. Lugo, 17, went to the trouble to enroll in an elementary school and pose as a student in order to sexually victimize young children, according to Hurst police. Now, the teenager accused of posing ...
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Denton Roller Derby Owner Accused of Stealing Nearly $1 Million

A. Campbell, the owner of a Denton roller derby rink is accused of bilking a company for nearly $1 million. Campbell, 40, of Trophy Club, was in the Tarrant County Jail on Aug. 20, after being accused ...
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Attorney General Ken Paxton Indicted

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been indicted in Collin County on felony charges accusing him of misleading investors before taking over as the state's top law enforcement officer. While the ...
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Penalties for a Felony in Texas

Were you recently arrested for a crime in Denton, Texas? If so, you are more than likely very concerned about a criminal conviction, and more importantly, the types of penalties that a conviction ...
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