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Drug Possession

Charged with Drug Possession?

Contact a Denton County Criminal Defense Attorney

As law enforcement works hard to keep the streets of Denton, Texas free of drugs, drug crime charges become ever more serious. If you have been found in possession of drugs, no matter what type of drug or the amount found, you may be facing serious consequences.

Common penalties for the crime of drug possession in Texas include:

  • Large fines
  • Time in Jail
  • Suspended driver's license

Many factors can influence the sentence that you face and aggravating factors will also be considered.

Avoid the Steep Consequences of a Drug Crime

The state of Texas is very tough on alleged criminals, but our firm is very tough on criminal charges filed against our clients. We are devoted to taking every necessary step to ensure that you are fully protected from prosecution. Our firm's criminal defense attorney serving Denton, Texas is a former prosecutor who understands what is required to obtain an effective case outcome. We have represented clients in hundreds of cases and can use this experience to resolve your legal matter.

Every case is unique. Drug possession cases result from many different circumstances and have various issues involved. In some cases, the charge is a result of a traffic stop or by being stopped on the street.

Schedule a FREE Case Evaluation

Meet with Derek A. Adame, Attorney at Law for the quality legal guidance that your case requires. Our firm offers attentive and knowledgeable representation to assist individuals who are charged with the crime of drug possession. We can help you fight for a positive case outcome, from start to finish. Schedule a free case evaluation to get started developing a strategy for success.

No matter how your case began or the elements involved, it is essential to speak with us at your earliest convenience. Call us now for a free case evaluation!

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