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Child Abuse

Accused of Child Abuse?

You Need a Denton County Criminal Defense Lawyer

No matter the circumstances, a child abuse arrest is a serious matter and cannot be taken lightly by any party involved. Mandatory reporting laws in Texas applies to professionals in virtually any field and requires them to report any reasonable suspicion of child abuse to the proper authorities immediately. The idea is to create a preemptive dragnet of community members – such as teachers, nurses, and day care employees – to catch any potential signs of child abuse as soon as they occur.

To be arrested for child abuse accusations, there usually only needs to be an allegation of the abuse and no actual evidence of it. The allegations can come directly from the child or minor, or they may be created by an adult or professional that knows the child. Additionally, the allegations could point at a date far in the past, as statutes of limitations for reporting child abuse crimes are typically years longer than that of other crimes. Even with a cursory glance, it is clear that there are gray areas to the law, and that false accusations or extreme exaggerations could put someone who is otherwise innocent into a frustrating and embarrassing legal scene.

If you have been accused or arrested for child abuse in Denton County, please seek counsel from Derek A. Adame, Attorney at Law right now. Free initial consultations are available.

Forms of Child Abuse in Texas Law

Child abuse allegations can include accusations of varying degrees and kinds. If you are being charged with child abuse crimes, you should know that there are several forms of child abuse, such as:

  • Physical: The most obvious form of child abuse is physical injury, resulting in bruises, cuts, and other forms of damage. Since the allegations involve prior events, physical abuse does not necessarily require signs of physical abuse at the time of the arrest.
  • Neglectful: If a child is hungry, unbathed, or ill for an unacceptable amount of time, this may be considered a neglectful form of child abuse. Failing to reasonably protect the child from others may also fall into this category.
  • Emotional: Interacting with a child with the intent to cause emotional or mental distress, such as sadness or anger, is a common form of child abuse that can be difficult to disprove or contest without an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side.
  • Sexual: Often considered the most severe and damaging form of child abuse, sexual abuse includes any act that exploits or harasses the child in an obscene or unacceptable way.

Punishments and Penalties for Child Abuse

Sentences for child abuse convictions are some of the harshest out there. Other than fines – including punitive or nominal damages, in some cases – and jail time, those convicted of this serious crime may also face:

  • Child sexual offender registration: Few things can ruin a reputation faster than having to register as a child sexual offender. In certain circumstances, this may cause you to lose employment or the ability to live in certain neighborhoods.
  • Loss of custody: If you are convicted of child abuse, you could lose total custody of the child, disallowing you to visit or raise the child. In some divorce cases, allegations of child abuse may be created by the other spouse in a dishonest pursuit of full custody rights.

A Denton County Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you have been arrested for child abuse accusations, you undoubtedly want to defend yourself and your reputation. With the right defense and a full knowledge of Texas State laws, a dedicated criminal defense attorney could reduce or lessen the severity of the penalties you might be facing, or even have the case dismissed altogether. Derek A. Adame, Attorney at Law, has an impressive list of case results that speak on his behalf and 15+ years of experience protecting the wrongly accused in Denton County.

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