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    “He fought for me and we won.”
    “He fought for me and we won.”
    - MB
    “I wouldn't have my freedom today.”
    “I made a bad mistake and let my anger get the best of me.”
    - CC
    “I'll always be grateful to him.”
    “Derek gave me my son's life back.”
    - BF
    “I'm very grateful.”
    “Derek believed in me and didn't stop fighting for me until I was free.”
    - JM
    “Now my kids have their mom back.”
    “I've worked hard to put my life back together after being in a lot of trouble when I was a kid.”
    - KC
    “We won and I got my life back.”
    “Derek believed in our case and fought the case hard.”
    - JF
    “He's the best.”
    “Derek fought for me like I paid him a million dollars.”
    - AG
    “Being found 'not guilty' was a great feeling.”
    “Being found 'not guilty' was a great feeling.”
    - HE
    “I'm glad I had him in my corner”
    “He fought until he got my charges dismissed.”
    - MH
    “I was wrongly accused by the police, and was scared to fight my case”
    “I've never been as happy as when that jury said 'not guilty.”
    - JC
    “I can't thank him enough.”
    “Derek was honest with me from the beginning and took the time to tell me everything about my case.”
    - CF