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Theft Crimes

Theft Crime Lawyer in Denton

Denton County Criminal Defense Attorney

Since 1998, our Denton County criminal defense lawyer has been representing clients who have been accused of theft crimes. Theft, under the Texas Penal Code Ann. § 31.03, is defined as the taking of another individual's property without his or her consent. Theft can occur through deception or through the physical action of stealing.

Even if you do not actually keep the property, it can still be considered theft. The only condition for the taking of the property to be considered theft is that you had to keep it long enough to deprive the owner of its value. Speak with our firm's Denton criminal defense attorney for experienced legal guidance throughout your case.

Types of Theft in Texas

Being convicted of theft in Texas can make your life very difficult, even after your jail or prison sentence is served. Theft is classified according to the value of the stolen property and, in some cases, by the type of property stolen.

Theft is categorized by classes and is broken down in the following manner:

  • Class C misdemeanor theft
  • Class B misdemeanor theft
  • Class A misdemeanor theft
  • State jail felony theft
  • Third-degree felony theft
  • Second-degree felony theft
  • First-degree felony theft

You can face both criminal and civil penalties for theft. Under the Texas Theft Liability Act, you may be civilly liable to the theft victim.

Talk to a Denton County Criminal Defense Attorney

Your penalties can also increase if you have a prior conviction for any level of theft. In Texas, there are several types of theft that can be charged. One is shoplifting, which involves taking of items out of a store with intention of not giving the full value in exchange. Writing bad checks is another type of offense that involves paying with a closed account. You can also be charged with theft if you take possession of stolen property. Contact our firm today for legal assistance and defense through your case!

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