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Community Supervision in Denton County, TX


If you are facing criminal charges in Denton County, Texas, you are probably interested in learning more about Community Supervision, which was formerly known as Adult Probation. Community Supervision is Texas’ version of probation; it allows offenders to be supervised in the community so they can receive treatment, financially support their dependents, and where applicable, pay restitution to any victims of their crimes.

With the nation’s overcrowded jails and prisons, Community Supervision and probation are the most common forms of punishment used by courts across the nation. When Community Supervision is given to the appropriate offenders who can be safely supervised in the community, it can help offenders receive rehabilitative services and become productive members of society.

Ultimately, Community Supervision can reduce crime by helping the offenders face the cause of their criminal behavior, and by reducing the likelihood of them committing violent crimes. Why is Community Supervision so common? Because, our nation has such a huge prison population that it has placed a heavy burden on American taxpayers in terms of building and maintaining prisons and housing the nation’s exploding prison population.

Common Conditions of Community Supervision

Community Supervision is a sentencing alternative to misdemeanor and felony offenders in Texas. Once an offender is granted Community Supervision, he or she will have to adhere to conditions set by the court. Common supervision conditions in Denton County, include:

  • Submit to drug testing
  • Refrain from using illegal substances
  • Maintain respectable employment
  • Stay away from other known criminals
  • Do not violate any state or federal laws
  • Pay all court-ordered fines
  • Pay restitution, where applicable
  • Support one’s family; for example, an offender’s children
  • Permit the Community Supervision Officer (CSO) to visit the offender’s home
  • Not leave the area without the supervision officer’s express permission

Given the choice between Community Supervision and incarceration, Community Supervision is clearly the better option. However, defendants are required to strictly follow the conditions of their supervision. If they violate one of their conditions, it could lead to an arrest and imprisonment, so violations must be given the respect they deserve.

For more information about Community Supervision in Denton County, click here.

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