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Active Warrants in Denton County


Suppose you arrived home after work and upon approaching your front door, you either found a business card or a door hanger, which notified you that there is a warrant for your arrest. Now, you’re wondering, “Can the police kick down my door? Will the Sheriff’s Department show up at 3:00 in the morning? Should I turn myself in?”

Arrest warrants are issued for various reasons. Often, a warrant is issued because someone failed to appear in court, because they failed to pay a traffic citation, because they wrote a bad check, or because they are behind on child support. Other times, warrants are issued when a suspect has been the subject of a criminal investigation and after enough evidence has been collected against the suspect, a warrant is issued for the person’s arrest.

Denton County’s Warrants Unit

According to Denton County’s website, “The warrants section is a part of the Special Services Division. It processes and serves almost 10,000 warrants each year, as well as extradition of out-of-state felons and bringing the safely to trial.”

“The Warrants Unit receives all misdemeanors (Class B and above) and felony warrants that come through the Denton County District Attorney’s Office as well as other law enforcement agencies,” says Denton County’s site. Deputies are assigned to the Warrants Unit and they are the ones responsible with tracking down and arresting the individuals who are subject to active arrest warrants in Denton County.

The Warrants Unit does not act alone; its deputies work closely with the Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force and the United States Marshal Service to locate and take into custody the most dangerous criminals in Denton County.

To check out Denton County’s 10 Most Wanted, click here. For the Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, click here. Hopefully, you’re not on either of these lists but regardless, if you’re subject to an active warrant, contact our firm at once to get your questions answered in a free criminal defense consultation!

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