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FAQs About Pre-Trial Bond in Denton County


In Denton County, when a defendant is sentenced by the court to community supervision in lieu of jail or prison after committing a misdemeanor or felony, or when a defendant has been placed on pretrial diversion, he or she is supervised by the Denton County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD). According to Denton County’s website, “Supervision officers assess the needs of the probationers and facilitate positive behavioral changes in the probationers.”

In addition to dealing with adults on community supervision in Denton County, “CSCD monitors compliance with special Conditions of Bond of approximately 850 defendants,” according to CSCD. Now that we understand Denton County CSCD’s role, we are going to answer frequently asked questions about Pre-Trial Bond.

1. How do I make a payment for Pre-Trial Bond?
Payments can be made in person, online, or by mail. To make a payment in person, go to 650 South Mayhill Road, Denton, TX. To mail a cashier’s check or money order (personal checks are not accepted, mail the payment to PO Box 1309, Denton, TX 76202. To make a payment online, you have to contact the Pre-Trial Bond staff for instructions.

2. When do I report to Pre-Trial Bond after I’m released from court or jail?
The Conditions of Bond that was issued to you will state when you’re supposed to report to Denton County CSCD. When you report, be sure to bring all of the paperwork you were given by the court or jail.

3. What if I can’t afford a transdermal monitoring device?
As your defense attorney to submit a written request to your judge, asking him or her to approve an in-home monitoring device. Pre-Trial Bond cannot do anything until it receives written approval from the judge.

4. What if I miss a random drug test?
Contact the Pre-Trial Bond officer at once and explain your situation.

5. How often will I have to report to a Pre-Trial Bond officer?
It depends. To find out, take a look at your Conditions of Bond; it will be indicated there.

6. Can I get a portable in-home device?
It’s possible. Your defense lawyer will have to submit a request to the judge.

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