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Reasons for Texas Driver License Suspensions


You’ve probably heard the saying, “Driving is a privilege, not a right,” which is how the state governments view driving. In other words, if a driver has “bad behavior” or bad driving habits, their driver license can be taken away temporarily or in the worst cases, permanently; for example, when they have too many DWI convictions.

But that’s not all. What a lot of people don’t know is that their driver license can be suspended for reasons unrelated to driving, such as past-due child support and specific criminal convictions.

License Suspensions in Texas

Sure, your driver license can be suspended for speeding, or having too many points on your driving record – you already knew that. But, did you know that if you’re facing drug-related charges, you’re probably going to have to take the bus or call Uber if you need to get to work? That’s right, both DWI and drug-related charges can mean a driver license suspension in Texas.

DWI License Suspensions

Upon a first conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI), the driver faces up to a one-year driver license suspension, and up to two years for a second DWI offense. For commercial driver license holders (CDL), a DWI conviction could mean their CDL ends up being disqualified.

Drug-Related License Suspensions

Anyone who is convicted of a controlled substance (drug) offense in Texas will have their driver license suspended for 180 days, even if their charge had nothing to do with drug-related driving. For instance, a simple possession charge for marijuana will lead to a license suspension if the defendant is convicted.

Driving While License Invalid (DWLI)

Driving while on a suspended or revoked license is highly frowned upon. If a driver’s license is suspended for any reason and they are caught driving without a valid license, they will face an additional suspension for the same amount of time as their original suspension period. For example, if a license was suspended for one-year and the person was caught driving anyway, their license will be suspended for an additional year.

To learn how criminal charges may impact your driver license in Denton County, contact Derek A. Adame, Attorney at Law today.

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