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Can I Go to Jail if I'm Convicted of Child Abuse in Texas?

If you’ve been accused of child abuse in Texas, it’s important to understand the potential legal ramifications. You may wonder whether a criminal conviction for child abuse will land you ...
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What Are the Penalties for Solicitation of a Prostitute in Texas?

If you've been charged with solicitation of a prostitute in Texas, you may be wondering what the penalties are. Unfortunately, the answer is not simple. The penalties can range from a misdemeanor ...
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What Is Indecent Assault in Texas?

Earlier this month, Justin Barrett Frazell, a former country radio station host in North Texas, pleaded no contest to a Denton County indecent assault charge. According to the Fort Worth ...
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How Are Rape and Statutory Rape Charges Different in TX?

Drawing the Line Between Rape & Statutory Rape Every state has its own age of consent laws. In Texas, the age of consent is 17, meaning anyone who is younger than 17 cannot legally consent to ...
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Defending Sex Crime Allegations

Sexual assault is one of those offenses that is highly frowned upon by society, but just because someone is accused of rape, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are guilty. In the criminal justice ...
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What is the Age of Consent in Texas?

You’re probably familiar with the term “ statutory rape.” Though state laws vary, statutory rape laws address the issue of adults (individuals age 18 and older) engaging in sexual ...
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Statutory Rape in Texas

Growing up, you probably heard about “statutory rape.” If you’re male, you may have worried about dating young girls out of fear that their parents may have you arrested for ...
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Ex-Lake Dallas HS Coach Pleads Guilty

Last week, D. Walker, 59, a former softball coach at Lake Dallas High School pleaded guilty to having an inappropriate relationship with a female student at the school. According to Denton County ...
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