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Can I Move While on Community Supervision in Denton County?


Texas, along with states like Florida and California is known for having an overcrowded jail and prison system. Because of this costly and problematic issue, which affects the criminal justice system and taxpayers alike, the Texas criminal courts are in many ways inclined to place non-violent offenders on community supervision (formerly adult probation) as a way to alleviate the burden on taxpayers, jails, and prisons.

Denton County Community Supervision and Corrections Department (CSCD) is the agency tasked with supervising adult offenders who’ve been sentenced to community supervision for misdemeanor and felony offenses, as opposed to jail or prison. It also supervises offenders who’ve been placed on pretrial diversion.

So, what if you’ve been placed on community supervision, but you’d like to move away. Is this possible, or do you have to wait until you complete your period of supervision?

Moving While on Community Supervision

People move all the time, often because of a new job, a new relationship, to get a fresh start, to move to a more affordable house or apartment, to live in a safer neighborhood, or to live closer to family. But what if you’re on community supervision, will a move be prohibited?

When someone is placed on community supervision, they will be required to abide by a number of conditions and one of them may be to stay within a certain geographical area. While a move to another apartment in the same complex or a few blocks away should be non-issues (though you must report them to your supervision officer), a move to Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or another state can result in serious ramifications.

Can I Transfer to Another Area?

For you to move to another county or another state, it means your case will have to be transferred. Is it possible? Yes, but approval from Denton County CSCD is not guaranteed. For anyone to have their case transferred to another area beyond Denton County’s jurisdiction and the supervision officer’s reach, they’ll have to convince Denton County CSCD why the move is a very good idea.

To learn more about moving while on community supervision, contact our Denton County criminal defense firm.

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